Searching searching

Google search, where would I be without you? This week, as I am undertaking my first NaNoWriMo, as well as ticking down the days before my first PhD application is due, I am a faithful visitor to Google.

In my novel for NaNoWriMo, my protagonist is a wealthy blind woman in 1890s New York, and I am a fish completely out of water with this one.  I’m not blind, and I want to be respectful to blind people, to represent them appropriately.  I don’t live in New York, and also not the 1890s, obvs.  It’s been fun to learn about these things, though, and to press my own style into it.

The PhD application deadline looms and I’m settling on programs I want to go for.  My research interests kind of straddle a point through which runs economics, sociology, psychology and maybe some law, and it’s really hard to find a program that can accommodate all that.  It’s harder to find a scholar I want to study with! So as I’m looking through programs and getting my applications ready, I’m searching for professors and their published work, trying to discern if I want to learn what they know.


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