It is part of my 52/52 Challenge of 2016 to do small research projects on unexpected things that catch my interest.

Intrigued by this story, I wanted to learn more about a haka. What I knew is that it is a traditional Maori ritual, something the All Blacks do to intimidate their enemy, hence the wide eyes and tongue out. But seeing it filmed from a wedding was confusing. Were they mad because the groom wasn’t, in their eyes, right for the bride?  Then I saw him join in and match them, and then that precious forehead greeting.

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Like a challenge? You’ll love this

Like many of my fellow writers, I enjoy a good prompt.  (Sometimes the ideas swarming around in here are too much to organize, and we need a filter to streamline them!)  I found a blogger who is doing a 52 goals in 52 weeks challenge, and I’m going to copy it, do something like that.

Since we’re in the middle of April, there are 36 weeks left in the year, and I’m going to take on 36 goals in 36 weeks.  I like that number. It’s the square of 6, it has balance. So: 36/36 Challenge.

I like balance

Here are the things I’ll be doing:

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