I am the “luckiest people”

The very first person I saw this morning, when I crawled over him to get a drink of water before going back to bed, was my Cohiba, my fiancé. When I came back, he curled back into me so sweetly, still dozing.

We’ve been together over four years, but it still feels very new with him.  I mean, I still like to be with him like I did in the beginning. We are still the best of friends. We giggle. We play. We flash between teasing and sweetness in a second. He is so honest and unabashed in his love for me and is a model for me about how to do it.

He is patient, he is kind. He doesn’t dishonor us and is not self-seeking, he doesn’t keep a record of my wrongs, he always trusts and always perseveres. He does everything the beautiful and poetic 1 Corinthians verse predicts.

For this, I am the luckiest people, and I hope to always respect this blessing.

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