Favorite Rituals (and Nothing Gets Slaughtered)

Sacred: “means revered due to association with (with something) considered worthy of spiritual respect or devotion; or inspiring are or reverence”

I believe that all rituals, religious or otherwise, are sacred. Rituals connect us to a deeper current within humanity, something we are all connected to, and I think that current is God, or part of God. So I love rituals, though I don’t often focus or think about their place in my life. Therefore, I’m glad to think about them in this (albeit late) response to a daily prompt.

  • I make coffee every morning, and every morning it’s the same process. Heat water in the bright red tea pot, listen to the bubbles of the water right before it sings, and then, when the first steam comes up from the water meeting the coffee, smell that strong bitterness. Those are the things I look forward to.
  • Before I leave for work, I go into the bedroom where Cohiba is still sleeping (if he’s not driving in with me) and we have a little time saying goodbye.  I couldn’t leave without that. Actually, at several points throughout the day, Cohiba and I make time to be together. It’s really important to both of us.
  • When I lead education or therapy groups at work, I have a ritual I go through with my clients in which they tell each other the rules and expectations of the groups and I turn the conversation to them. They check me if I don’t do it the way it should be done.
  • There are several rituals I have with clients.  One of them, he calls out, “She lied to me.”  I’ll say, “She lied to me, too.”  I don’t even know what that’s about. Another woman, when we walk by each other, we both twirl in place.  It’s cute; she’s come a long way.

Each of these things is meaningful to me and each time I experience it, I’m reminded of my connection to Something Greater, to God. I wonder if I will have any rituals that I will have or do during the upcoming Renaissance Faire?

What are your rituals like? Is ritual important to you?  What kinds of things do you hold sacred?

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