Papa Has Got New Bones?

Wee One (WO) has been talking about Jesus and God more, and it’s putting a lump in my throat. It’s a good thing, in my mind, because I wanted to teach her about them, and she’s learning.

When she and I hear emergency sirens, I always comment, “Ooh. Someone’s having a bad day. We should say a prayer for them” (Thanks, parochial school.)
The other day, she heard a siren and commented that someone was having a bad day. I agreed, and she said, “Mommy, tell God.” (LOL)

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Livin’ Life

I think I’ve told you guys about the period of time I was a door canvasser with a political action group. I’d spend five hours a day knocking on doors, and follow it with a couple of hours of drinking. Crash somewhere, maybe home. Repeat. It was a lot of fun for awhile.

Playing drums in a rooftop jam session. The guy bending over, Andy, ODed a few years later. Livin’ life.

During this time, spending every day with hippies and slackers, when people asked how we were we would say noncommittally, “Oh, ya know. Livin’ life.” Which meant we weren’t doing shit.

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St. Nicholas Eve

I got gold coins today. To put in our shoes tonight. For St. Nicholas Eve. This is a big step.

Since Wee One’s arrival, I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to tell her about Santa and all the other Christmas “things.”  Do I want to do Elf on the Shelf? Do I want to go all out with Santa? Only talk about Jesus? Talk about the other holidays around the end of the year?

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Advent Calendar and Belief Systems

I got an Advent Calendar for me and Wee One to use for the next month. It is the first time I have had one in years, and it is the first kind of Christmas tradition that I’m starting to do with WO. I hope it will create more than an echo of the warmth for WO that I had as a child. What traditions/rituals your family have?


I realize that talking about Advent and Christmas then only refers to the Christian tradition, and I do not want to exclude my non-Christian readers. Are there other winter/year end/solstice rituals you employ?

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Screwtape Scribbles Again

This article, “A Screwtape Letter For The Unappreciated Mom,” is one of the best things I’ve read in a long time. It almost seems like Jack wrote it, because it’s so well in keeping with the style of the book.

Some of the better, more convicting (right now) passages for me include:

“A tired Mom makes for a more emotional Mom, and an emotional Mom is a vulnerable one.” Today has been a difficult day.  Just one of those challenging ones when my faults seem to stand out and anxious thoughts and self-doubts snowball.

“We must convince her that her husband is no longer the friend and ally she first married.  Instead, we must reveal every sin and selfish habit, especially drawing attention to his thoughtless actions (mal-intended or not) against her.” And, unfortunately, I took it out of him today.  😦

“Secondly, do what you can to keep her focused on her troubles and pains.” I am ashamed to think about some of the self-centered comments I’ve made to Cohiba that sound once he plays them back to me!

“Along those lines, be sure the Mother starts to value productivity above everything else.” My house… Looks like the house with a baby in it.

Today was just a hard day.

Tomorrow will be better.


Walking With Intention

Today, I have been lucky enough to be a guest blogger on the Seeker’s Dungeon blog and a monthlong series the host is doing on, as the title promises, Walking With Intention.

“The concept of “intention” has never held very much meaning for me beyond a few experiences with Catholic volunteers. It was a nice, though abstract, concept. Living intentionally never became so important to me until I had a baby.”

Check out the rest, and tell me what you think!