Inspiration Engine 15 – Writing

Hello friends – I’ve been sick this week. Feverish headachy hard-to-breathe nose-blowey sick. (When was the last time I slept for 15 hours? And how can one woman produce so much mucus?) I, unfortunately, have not been very active in the greater blogging community. I don’t have the usual round-up of blog posts that have inspired me some way this week.

I did, however, think about writing. How I would write, how I would get better at it and closer to that publishing ambition.  I found some information on writing contest opportunities, and in lieu of  my traditional Inspiration Engine, I’m going to share the links I found.

The first is a list from The Writer of 2014 writing competitions. It has links to different kinds of contests. I don’t know how exhaustive it is, probably not very, but still good.

As I was looking around, I learned that, for many writing contests, one has to pay, and sometimes, this is prohibitive. I also found this  page of more affordable contests.

Finally, I stumbled upon a Poets and Writers webpage with tips for writers.  I may be late in the game discovering this resource, but there is so much I can do right now to hone this craft.

How are all you guys? Feeling well, I hope?  What did you find this week that was inspiring>


Okay, your turn.

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