Weekend Coffee Share #42


If we were having coffee, it would be hot, but we would enjoy it outside: it has been deliciously cool for the past several days, which is welcome. I have enjoyed, though, during the really hot days, bicycling Wee One to the splash park or letting her play in a little pool I bought her, or playing with our neighbor’s when they set a pool out. While we’re living at Casa In-Laws, we are set securely in the ‘burbs, but to this end, it’s actually kind of nice!

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Travels with Textiles

At the Ren Fair, my character spins yarns – either stories, real wool carding and spinning, or knitting.

We encounter and enter our richest, most humanly defining experiences by way of a tear in the fabric of things, because we are running late, or because we recognize, across a crowded room, a face whose lack of perfection allows a unique light to shine through and to stir us with uncommon wonder. – Eugene Kennedy

This was my garb the first year. The chemise and bodice were linen and heavier than I thought they would be.

Doing this allowed me to travel back in time, figuratively, and imagine if that were my daily life. I could feel the linen on my shoulders and scratch my neck, and smell the dank tufts of sheep’s wool.

Travel theme chosen by Where’s My Backpack?

Ren Fair With A Baby

This is my first Renfaire with the Wee One and the first day was difficult for many reasons. But it’s such an important part of my life that I can’t bear to stop doing it. Like all other things with my Wee One, it’s figuring out how to adjust. 

It takes special kind of planning.  I’m still breastfeeding so I don’t have to bring special food for her, but I do have to make period appropriate arrangements for naps and physical activity.

And garb, of course. I loved making her garb.

But you need to drink ample water in the days approaching fair, as well as the day of, and be plenty rested.

“Do you know what your sin is, Mal?” “Aw hell, I’m a fan of all seven.”

To come up with a sin that Mal Reynolds would be proud to own, that is how I read today’s prompt.

Also, there is a stage at the Bristol Renaissance Fair that has the seven sins painted on the back of it, and this sin needs to be worthy of a painting with the others.

So, a trait or behavior that I find unacceptable. Gum popping? I hate that. Malapropisms?  Those kind of drive me crazy, too, especially when I hear them a lot. Small talk? My INFJ personality hates that, though I know it serves a purpose.

I think the eigth sin I would declare is snorting.  I don’t mean the I’m-sick-and-I’m-doing-my-best-to-keep-up-with-it-kind-of-snorting that we all have now and again, but the I’m-too-lazy-to-blow-my-nose-so-I’m-just-going-to-suck-it-into-the-deepest-recesses-of-my-brain snorting.  <shudder>

I don’t want to see that painted in Bristol, and Mal probably wouldn’t like that one, Classy Captain Tightpants, but I think that would be it.