Hiding Something

For such a slight man, Nathan seemed larger than life; I could see that the moment I walked into the volunteer room, despite the dozens of other volunteers. He was a force people moved around, like a large stone in a stream of water.

His surprisingly wiry body never seemed to stop moving, and he continued to shift his weight and look over his shoulder as he addressed my small group of newcomers. He was carefully explaining our responsibilities for during the day, and was momentarily interrupted by another organizer.

During the lull, I could hear whispered comments behind me about his upcoming nuptials and the mental instability of his fiancée. I was surprised to hear about this; I had seen his fiancée flitter about, just as jovial as he seemed to be. Once his conversation was over, he came to talk to each of us one by one. I realized he, again, didn’t look any of us in the eye when he was talking to any us, but over our shoulders or around the room.

After he finished addressing our group, it still felt like he was talking to us, as we could hear and see his subsequent performances.


*For the writing 101 task of describing the most interesting person I’ve met this year. I struggled with this one. I think he makes for a good character, though not one I’m particularly fond of. What do you think? Does this passage seem to describe someone and you know people like this? How do you write them?


Okay, your turn.

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