Take the bus!

Something from another city that I would bring to mine, without question or hesitation, is public transportation. I mean, I know I’m in the US and it’s a big place and all, but so is Europe, really, and there are trains crossing that whole continent. And then in the specific cities, lots of transportation options, such that you don’t need a car! I would love that!

I can take the bus to work from my little town across the river, but first I have to slay the first born bumble bee under the light of the harvest moon – it’s an ordeal, and it’s only offered certain days/times.


5 thoughts on “Take the bus!

  1. Amen! Mass Transit needs a huge overhaul in this country. The auto industry has a stranglehold on other means of transport, and I think it’s unfair. Buses, bullet trains, subways … bring them back!

    1. I would love that. I wonder if that would be a bump for the economy, too, since more people would have more access to more things – the travel industry would get better.

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