And then I read shit like this and want to cry

Some “tru-isms” (are they true?  I don’t know.) about delivery and the days after.

I have stopped reading things like this, and I only check Dr. Google when I have a specific question. (Are chills normal during the first trimester?) Because reading stuff like this is really overwhelming and not helpful.

4 thoughts on “And then I read shit like this and want to cry

  1. Hahaha again don’t overthink and over-read and research just try to relax and go with the flow. People have been having babies for thousands of years and have lived to tell about it 🙂
    I myself had 3 C-Sections and yes the points in that blog post are pretty accurate LOL. She might have put a little more of a dramatic spin on things but in general yea it’s all part of the process. Remember there is no painless way to grow a human and get it out but it will all be worth it and it will give you killer blog material LOL. Also remember this post is about C-Sections and you might not have to have one so it will be a little different experience but in general it’s not the easiest process in the world but do what feels right for you not someone else and try to enjoy what you can of it, you’re growing a little you and your man! So exciting I can’t wait to welcome you to the surly crew of pregnancy and motherhood and if you ever need to ask anything girl you just let me know!

    1. Hey, girl. I was really hoping you’d read and comment on this ’cause I think you’re my kind of girl, if you know what I mean. I”m having such a hard time right now, emotionally. I”m so anxious about this. I”m afraid I”m going to lose myself and resent the wee one and screw everything up with Cohiba. It’s a lot of responsibility! I hate responsibility! But I like your description: “surly crew of pregnancy and motherhood.” I’ve got shit with my own family that’s rearing it’s head right now, too. I”m struggling. I think I”ll struggle less if I can have a cigar now and again in the next nine months, even a small one. 🙂

      1. Girl believe me I know your place, shit I had my first “oops I’m pregnant” at 19 right after getting married that young! I was not a happy camper about it and no it was not a total picnic but after 3 kids and 17 years of marriage I have learned a lot of thing and a lot of what works and doesn’t. First thing you gotta do is just breath and take only one day at a time. Life is a long journey and this is just one fabulous stop among many others. Find something that calms your nerves and takes you to a happy place that you can use for the next 1000 months and yes having an offspring is a lot of responsibility but I promise it will end up being responsibility you don’t mind having 🙂
        And remember when I told you that you would be getting random unsolicited advice well here’s mine Lol; Never ever ever feel that just because you have a child that you should stop going after your dreams and dating your husband. Kids are resilient and you do not have to be up there butt and sacrifice your entire life and goals to raise them and you should never sacrifice your marriage either. Get a sitter and go out on weekly or monthly dates, and make sure you still participate in adult activities and any dreams you have. Juggling is highly possible, I do it everyday right now and an emotionally stable and happy you and Cohiba makes for better parents!
        Seriously if you ever need to talk it out or bounce ideas or questions just hit me up
        it will be fine!

  2. Oh shame you poor thing – this is not what you want to hear! Me, however, at the other end of having three kids, I nearly died laughing. All I can say is, not everyone’s experience is as bad as this – I know because the people I was roomed with were never as messed up as me. Some of them were positively sprightly, and I was very jealous, or would have been if I’d had the energy. You will hear (and pay attention to) all the worst stories now your pregnant; don’t listen to them all. And arnica for healing up – I can’t believe I never used it after birth, it works so well. (I mean homeopathic drops or tablets, not rub on or anything mad.) And in any case it’s all a process, so don’t freak out by looking too far ahead. By the time you get there, you’ll be more ready than you think.
    All the best, CG

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