Our Name is Creo – Create

And for the ultimate in Creation: I’m pregnant. I just found out on Monday, and I’m kind of freaking out.  Not as much as I was, but still.

I haven’t blogged in awhile, and I know I’ve got some of parent/mother bloggers I’m pals with that I wanted to tell!  Here’s a question for ya: I’m not drinking or smoking cigars right now, obvs, but I will want summat special to do when I’m with my friends or husband who is doing those things.  What worked for you?

I’m thinking about making myself a Virgin Mary (a bloody Mary w/o the vodka) but what else did you have or do during pregnancy that was fun and special?

4 thoughts on “Our Name is Creo – Create

  1. OMG congratulations!! That’s awesome 🙂 Girl you will be receiving so much random advice from soooo many people, just remember to take it all with a grain of salt because pregnancy is different for everyone, try not to stress about what other people say, and you do not have to be uber hard core on everything and your baby will still be alright I promise. Not meaning like pounding liquor and smoking but I had a little caffeine every day with all my kids and even a glass of wine a few times. The old wives tale shit no longer applies so don’t stress yourself out too much you will need your energy! 🙂

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