Dude, Like, I Just Want It

Is it more dangerous to want everything or want nothing?

This answer may be a cop out, but I think it depends on what you do in your effort to get everything or get nothing.

Are you cruel in your effort to “get it?” Are you apathetic in your tries to “not get it?”

Are you Napoleon or a guy from Pineapple Express?


Some people seem to want everything or want nothing, but their desire (or lack thereof) is tempered by a logical assessment of reality.

Nelson Mandela or the Dude? (I think. I haven’t actually seen….that movie the Dude is in. Can’t think of it right now.)

Mandela wanted everything, but he let go of things that needed to be let go of.  Conversely, the Dude, I believe, just wanted to bowl, man, and did some other things in the process.  (Again, I haven’t seen the movie.)

For my part, when I was younger, I thought it was better to be Mandela than the Dude, though I think that’s changing now.  What about you?

Okay, your turn.

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