Meditation on Morning Sickness

My third trimester approacheth, and with it, morning sickness. It sucks, yet in the midst of that suckage, there is an opportunity for meditation and awe. (This won’t be too gross, I promise.)

We all know that throwing up in no fun, and we’re happy that we don’t do it often.  But sometimes, our body needs to do it, for whatever reason.

In this way, our bodies are kind of like a clock or other kind of machine: Do this, to do that, to do the other, and our bodies just know what to do and when to do it. It doesn’t need to check a manual or any outside intervention, it just knows. It also knows when to stop.

As i’m crouched there on the floor, I am in a little bit of disgusted wonderment that my body is doing this thing without my conscious involvement at all.

Yet even though I’m not involved, even before I get sick, on some level of my awareness, I know it’s coming.  I know I need to get somewhere and pull my hair back. I also know when it’s done. Sometimes there are a few minutes between rounds, if you will, but I know it’s not time to get up yet. I think that is amazing.

Finally, morning sickness is a practice in surrendering and giving up control. Everything about this is completly out of my hands, which is going to be true for this new little person as well.  So it’s good practice. 🙂

Okay, your turn.

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