A Hunt for Quirk on the Web

After an incident at work the other day, I learned about this blog, Girl, You Lost Your Weave about hair pieces that are lost around St. Louis. This intrigued me about other quirky websites.  I went on a hunt and found the following:

Snap Bubbles Online – Exactly what it sounds like: you snap bubbles on the screen like you’re snapping packing bubbles. It doesn’t have that tactile satisfaction, but it’s not bad.

Condom Slogans – A website of possible slogans for National Condom Week (somewhere).  They’re absurd.

Blue Ball Machine – Nothing dirty, you silly, but literally, a screen of a machine (actually, several identical machines) pushing through small blue balls.  Kind of like that game Mouse Trap, on the computer screen.

You’re Getting Old! – This is actually quite cool. You enter your birthdate, and it spits up all these facts like how many times your heart has beaten so far in your life, how many miles you traveled as the Earth rotates, and then circles the Sun, and then around the Milky Galaxy, and then also some news headlines from your different decades.  An unfortunate caveat: I think these headlines only apply to North Americans (USA) because they all pertained to the US.  Sorry. Perhaps you could do one for your respective countries? 🙂

How Far Is It To Mars? – This is super cool.  It shows the distance from Earth to Mars assuming the Earth is 100 pixels wide. where 100 pixels were equal to 12,756 km.  So taken in proportion, how far is it from Earth to Mars, and it’s amazing.

Funniest Reviews – Ever on the search for customer satisfaction, Amazon.com helpfully curates and catalogues their most humorous product reviews.  If you’ve read the ones for Haribou sugar-free gummy bears, you know how creative, in-depth and hilarious these reviews can be.  Quality writing in these reviews.

Gizoogle – Google as written by Snoop Dog. It’s the shiznet. Here’s an explanation of Christmas.

2 thoughts on “A Hunt for Quirk on the Web

    1. I know! Some hair cutting ladies volunteered to cut hair of some of my guys last week, and we were slipping on little snips of hair all the rest of the day. My coworker referred to that as “tumble weave,” which made me snort water through my nose.
      That’s when she told me about the site, and I couldn’t believe it actually existed!

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