Top 10 Favorite Memes


I am working on a post I’m going to put out later this week, and, for part of it, I’m talking about cool memes. Which made me wonder: which ones are my own personal favorites???

Now first, a question about memes: How the hell do you pronounce it?  I used to pronounce it memay,” sort of a French pronunciation, but my friend Walter insists its “meem.” Anyone know?

Some of these, I created myself, but I think it counts, don’t you?

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Wee One’s Christmas List


Inspired by a letter to Santa from a 10 month old baby, this week I am imagining what my Wee One would like for Christmas.

  1. Mirrors. She loves mirrors. She geeks out whenever she spys her reflection in something, and I hope that she always looks upon herself with such glee.
  2. A piece of yarn. She’ll hold it over her head, twist her hand around to watch it fall, put the end of it in her mouth. Its precious.
  3. An iphone. I rarely let her play with mine, which only increases the attraction, I know. Hence its place on her wish list.
  4. A go-go-gadget extendable arm. Something that will allow her to reach the little things like candles and keys and machetes that mom puts a little too far away.
  5. A disembodied head. Something with hair she can pull with impunity, a mouth she can fishhook, and eyes she can gouge.
  6. Paper. Lots of paper to crinkle and eat.
  7. A cord. Any kind will do: computer, vacuum, TV.
  8. Buttons. She just recently found them (sewn onto a shirt!) but I think she would like to see more. And maybe off a shirt, so she can just look at the whole button on its own.

Okay, only eight. But she’s only nine months, so to her, this is a lot. And In case anyone wonders, Santa will not be bringing her any of those things. Not because of any naughtiness but just because there are better things waiting. 🙂

Amist I Bovvered?

I’m a little sad tonight and I wasn’t able to write earlier, and I’m marathoning Doctor Who on Netflix. So to give us something to cheer up, I’m sharing this skit from Comic Relief between Catherine Tate and David Tennant:

“Bite me alien boi!”

I love these two together.


Take a Humor Break – Go To Math Class!

There is a you tube sequence of videos that my supervisor found about a year ago.  Called Kid Snippets, they are short little videos of adults (I think they’re brothers) acting out a dialogue spoken by kids, I believe their own children.  So it’s a family affair! These particular videos are a part of a greater whole that the brothers do, I believe, according to their website. I have not looked up the other videos yet, and wanted to share with you one that I think is the best, IMHO. Math class.

Do enjoy.