Love Saves The Day, An Example

I’m a social worker, and follow different social worky things on Facebook. I just saw a moving story.

The other day, one of them posted a story from NPR about an assisted living home that was shut down last fall with 16 residents still there. The nurses and professional staff left when they stopped getting paid, all the staff, except for the cook and the janitor. It seems like they would take turns going home and resting and then coming back and doing the cooking, cleaning, monitoring, crisis management and medication dispensing. They did this for several days until other people came in to help.

What would I have done in a similar situation? Would I have stayed behind and helped?

The truly touching part of this story is that the men who stayed behind were just doing that they thought was right. They didn’t have a special duty to anyone and they didn’t know how long it would take before they were relieved. (IF they were relieved?)

I hope that I would have the humility to show this kind of love and servitude. Actions like these are ones I think we can all aspire to in all our efforts.

Okay, your turn.

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