Daddies Doin’ Work

I want to share another website I found, an Instagram account called Daddy Doin’ Work. In a way, I don’t like the title of the account, because it seems a little patronizing – of course daddies work.

(In fact, my daddy worked so much as a lawyer that he didn’t come home for months at a time. Or so I believed until I was embarrassingly old and realized he had other homes with other women.) His abuse notwithstanding, I know there is a huge stereotype of men not engaging with their children that is untrue and unfair.

Check out a sampling of these photos:

I think this guy is the one who started the page, with one of his kids.

Take a look and enjoy!

Do you have stories about daddies in your life doin’ work?

2 thoughts on “Daddies Doin’ Work

  1. Sadly, there never was a daddy doing anything, at least in my memory. I had a friend whose daddy felt it was his personal responsibility to ensure the bar of the Kings Arms didn’t collapse, and another friend who was daddy to a number of others, not all in the same roost. Come to think of it, almost every daddy relationship I’ve known had some sort of complication. Maybe that’s the norm?

    1. I have several friends who have awesome relationships with their dads, and then some men friends who are great fathers, like I believe my husband aspires to be. It’s a myth to me as well, personally, so here’s hoping. 🙂

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