How Do I Enjoy Tea?

I have been trying – how do I enjoy tea?

During my first trimester, I preferred tea to coffee, and I assume that’s ’cause of the baby. Actually, I think that was more of function of NOT wanting coffee but still wanting something warm and soothing in the morning.  Lemon in hot water works just as well during these pregnant days.

But I am looking for more. I am looking, specifically, for tea.

I know there are a lot of healthy reasons to like tea, and I would like to enjoy it as much (or more) than I enjoy coffee. It has usually left me wanting, (baby palate notwithstanding) because it is not *enough,* if that makes sense, like thick enough.

Do you know what I mena? Do you like tea? How do you make it “enough?” Does adding milk help?


2 thoughts on “How Do I Enjoy Tea?

  1. As an Englishman I can help…first you need to start with proper tea. I see you live in the US so this means you probably have Lipton. Just like the “coffee” we serve in the UK is not proper coffee neither is Lipton proper “tea”. This has been verified by my wife who is also of the American persuasion.

    Tea is not as thick as coffee, it’s just hot water with some discolouring. Coffee has all the milk/cream and feels more like food.

    The only proper way to have tea is either use English Breakfast or British tea bags (PG Tips or Yorkshire Tea are the only acceptable brands) with a bit of milk. If you are the captain of the USS Enterprise you can have Earl Grey.

    1. We do have Lipton; I avoid that. I am currently enjoying several herbal teas (lemon/ginger/peppermint to sooth a troubled stomach) but also, right now, an English Afternoon Tea in bags by New English Teas. I have had neither PG Tips nor Yorkshire Tea, which may be the problem. Thanks for the help!

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