Stolen Muse

Sometimes I think pregnancy has stolen my muse.  I am 11 weeks in and so very tired that there is little I want to do that requires more than on optic nerve.  Watching Harry Potter or other things on Netflix, keeping up with the news here in #Ferguson.  I have tried painting, tried drawing (get distracted), tried bicycling (bonk in 10 minutes), tried cooking (ugh – really? Eat that?) and, yes, tried writing (such a heavy pen).

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Our Name is Creo – Create

And for the ultimate in Creation: I’m pregnant. I just found out on Monday, and I’m kind of freaking out.  Not as much as I was, but still.

I haven’t blogged in awhile, and I know I’ve got some of parent/mother bloggers I’m pals with that I wanted to tell!  Here’s a question for ya: I’m not drinking or smoking cigars right now, obvs, but I will want summat special to do when I’m with my friends or husband who is doing those things.  What worked for you?

I’m thinking about making myself a Virgin Mary (a bloody Mary w/o the vodka) but what else did you have or do during pregnancy that was fun and special?