A Pox Upon Thee!

Do people still cast curses on one another? Is that still a thing?

This past week, I had an negative interaction with a woman who was just up for lunch (so she isn’t a regular client of ours) and she was mad about and muttering about me for the rest of lunch.  As she was leaving (and I was sitting at the front desk) she said she wished my baby came out… I believe she said rainbow colored.


Yeah, I laughed at it, too. A rainbow colored child – how gorgeous.

I mean, part of me hates it – don’t being up my child, and I know there are some negative references she was trying to make there, but screw her.  Life is colorful and a colorful child would just be par for the course.

2 thoughts on “A Pox Upon Thee!

  1. Oh yes, the cursers are still out there and trying! In my past I ran a restaurant, so I was inevitably a target (not from customers, well generally speaking anyway) but from the local gypsy crowd who came around with ‘offers’ of palm readings. Once, having already shelled out a fair consideration to a gypsy soothsayer, I got the soothsayer’s daughter on a repeat mission the very next week. When I refused a further ‘reading’ she started prowling around the reception area muttering to herself, and finished her little act with a voluble (the whole place heard) “I condemn thee!” She met her mother outside the door, and together they started making little arrangements of objects (withered flowers and the like) on the pavement. At that point I called the police.

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