Top 10 90’s Movies, Part Two


This is the second installment of my top 10 90’s movies (Read the first one here.) Most of these movies came out when I was a little older, in college. They are in “chronological” order, meaning time of meaningfulness in my life.

10. The Birdcage

9. To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar. Lines from these tow movies can be found in 75% of conversations I have with my mother.

8. The Basketball Diaries. I watched this on repeat in college, and then Jim Carroll came and spoke at my University and I went to hear him. I don’t really remember much of what he said, but I remember sitting in the theater that night feeling really cool. I was listening to a speaker. In an Army jacket. It was probably a Thursday night. I just felt cool and collegiate, doing something I normally wouldn’t do and that none of y friends were doing.

7. 6Romeo and Juliet – there second of Baz Luhrmann’s Red Curtain trilogy. At the time, I was crazy about Leonardo DiCaprio and thought the movie was a triumph. I saw it nine times in the theater. Then I was in the coma, and woke up and didn’t think he was so hot anymore. I did have a poster from one of the movies in my hospital room, though.


6. Se7en – This was actually the first movie I saw after coming out of the coma. Seriously. But, I could only watch it a few minutes at a time, because my attention span was so short, and every time I went back to it, I had forgotten what had happened before.

5. The Devil’s Advocate. It made me think about Satan in a way that hellish years of parochial school never did. And I loved this delivery:


4. Good Will Hunting. This came out the year I was home after the accident, and seeing Matt Damon gave me chills because he looked *exactly like* the last boyfriend I had before the accident, who I thought was so cool and out of my league. As it often happens with these guys, he was actually a douche.

3. Hackers – I had liked this movie for awhile but I loved the music, and after a few years, I found the soundtrack. I was unaware, at the time, of the trip-hop movement than had begun in Bristol some years before, and no one else in my circle of friends really liked it, but I was into EDM before it was cool.

2. Stigmata – At the time that I first saw this, I was also taking a class on women in religion at the time, and so  I was really attuned to the intersectionality of femininity and divinity. The movie made me think. Also, I learned the Hail Mary from the Chumbawumba song. And look at these two; both hot in this movie.


  1. Clueless. I still love this movie, which is why it’s listed last, it’s still with me. Cohiba and I saw this movie together in the theater. Not on a date, but we had each come with separate groups of mutual friends, and then sat together when we realized we were all there. I love having gone to high school with my husband!




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