Sing A Beautiful Song

I love to sing.  I don’t purport to be awesome, but on most days, I can hold my own.  I love karaoke and when I’m alone in my car on a road trip, girl, I am on STAGE!

I make up little songs with Cohiba, and, though he doesn’t like his singing voice, he makes up little songs for me, too.  It’s really sweet. I know we’ll sing to the baby when she’s born, make up more songs, but I’ve been thinking of songs specifically to sing to her, real songs.

There is this little melody that was a hidden track on the Jewel album, “Spirit.”  I think that was the second one she released. It’s simple and beautiful and I love it. She’s gonna hear me sing a lot anyway, but this one will be for her.

Do you like to sing? Do you do it much?  What is your favorite kind of song to sing?

3 thoughts on “Sing A Beautiful Song

  1. We have a number of good singers in the family. An uncle is a famous in my country too. I am all right as a singer, I mean I can carry a tune. But I always loved belting it out with my brother, who is an awesome singer still. But now my vocal cords mostly endure shrieks of a helpless mother. I know old songs. Both Urdu, Hindi and English. I can’t remember any new songs. Mostly because I don’t listen to them. Old is Gold, for me, anyday:). Jewel is awesome btw!

    1. Wow! Quite a family pedigree! My mom is an excellent singer as well. As i’ve gotten older, my love for singing has increased (though my range has gotten more limited. 🙂 But I’m singing this song to her already so she’ll be familiar with it when she’s born.

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