Being Back In Braces

I’m staying home with my Wee One, and these days, nursing a lot. I’m coming out of my skin at times, because I’m not productive when she’s on my lap. I never felt what a vise the cult of productivity is.  Now that I think about it, maybe it isn’t a cult.  Maybe it’s merely a distraction.

These days, I have little choice but to be present to my two-month old so I can catch her signals and respond to her newborn communication. I have to be in the moment, and its uncomfortable!  I can’t escape into TV or books or even this blog, and certainly not into “productive projects.” I kind of hate it!

It’s sort of like wearing braces again. it’s molding me into something good, but sucks when they’re adjusted.

Have you had an experience that pushed your normal mode of behavior?

7 thoughts on “Being Back In Braces

  1. I’ve been away from WordPress for I while so I missed congratulating you on the wee one:D hope the experience is beautiful and like no other! I’m expecting my third child In October, so yeah the breastfeeding parade shall commence again. Eek!

      1. Thankyou:)!! My son’s 5 and a half and daughter’s 2 and a half… Everyone keeps telling me how busy I’m going to get!

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