Daily Prompt: Daily Ritual

I love rituals and think they have an important role in daily life. They give us a small sense of stability and I think holiness to even mundane and ordinary things.

I don’t, at present, have any rituals that I perform for myself on a consistent basis. These days, my rituals are centered around the Wee One: songs I sing when I change her diaper or the way I give her a bath. I’m sure we’ll create more rituals between the two of us, but none of them have a purpose other than bonding and familiarity. But I have, in the past, had rituals that meant a lot to me.

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Inspiration Engine, V.5 – Mindfulness and Food

Inspiration Engine is a weekly post I do about blogs that have inspired something in my this week. I normally do it on Thursdays, but am late (again) this week and am getting it out to day. Apologies.  I will also skip next week because I’ll be on my wedding trip. It will pick up the following week.

1. This post, “Untitled,” from the Mindfulness Revolution. This is a very calming post for me, in that it helps me focus and center. It says, “Anything that comes in through the senses is also regarded as ‘food’ for the body and therefore affects one’s mental emotional, and physical health.” I don’t know about you but I have a tumultuous relationship with “food;” I imagine we all do, actually. Eating is quite an emotional experience, and the consequences of eating (or not) have such  manifestations that we can’t help but have strong personal feelings about it.  As I type this right now, I am watching what I eat so I can fit into my wedding dress. At the same time, I am feeling a headache coming on, a headache brought of not eating the right thing at the right time, {or not enough of it.)   I’m also thinking about how to “maintain” dietary plans while at Disney World, a processed-food mecca. Therefore, the idea of nourishing myself through my eyes broadens my idea of “food” and consumption, sort of reframes it.  Moreover, the overall message of mindfulness is a particularly poignant reminder during this time in my life, just before my wedding (in three days.) Thank you, Mindfulness.