What I Learned My First Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day usually made me scoff in years past.  A “Hallmark Holiday,” I called it.  

It is also a big day of sales at KFC-the second busiest behind Super Bowl Sunday, in fact. If that doesn’t say something about the day then I don’t know what.

This year I noticed something I had always missed before: that it’s not just about a child or family appreciating their mother, but it’s a chance for the mother (me, in this case) to celebrate the little person I love above all little people.

It was beautiful and it might be my new favorite holiday.


3 thoughts on “What I Learned My First Mother’s Day

    1. It was so special! How many kids do you have? I remind myself of your comment about the boredom and loneliness of breastfeeding and that it will pass. Thanks again for that. 😀

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