Weekend Coffee Share #4


If we were having coffee, We would gaze quietly upon the rain outside, and I would tell you that I’m getting used to it.  The rain? you ask, and I nod.  You know what would be great, though? You shake your head.

If there were little visors that popped up and shielded my glasses whenever I was walking in it. That would be great, you agree, and we spend another few moments reflecting on our own thoughts, watching life out the window.

Joe Cocker is playing over the store’s speaker, and it feels appropriate. Oh, and now B.B. King, Thrill Is Gone. How perfect.

Have I ever told you that I saw him live? You shake your head, and I tell you about summer concerts that happen in St. Louis (which has SO MUCH free stuff to do in the summer!). In ’04, they were still on the riverfront. King was really good. He didn’t get up from his chair; maybe couldn’t move about too much, but it was a really good concert. A breezy and humid summer night – the best.

If we were having coffee, you would ask about the crocheted cozy I have wrapped around my cup, dark blue and bright green. They’re Seattle Seahawks colors, I remind you. Meh, you say. The anthem of a non-football fan. I’m going to be selling these, I tell you, and this morning, I’m both testing the product and doing a bit of advertising. I explain that REI headquarters, where Cohiba works, is hosting a craft fair for it’s staff, and the people who can participate must be friends and family of the staff. So no professional vendors.

I decided to sell my crocheted items: coffee cozies, fingerless gloves and a few other accessories I’ve made in my spare time. Sustainability Sleeves and ‘Cessories, I call them. Then I realized that I would be remiss in not including the football team’s colors. This is the first time I’ve taken these to a craft fair, and I’m nervous about it. Nervous if they’ll do well, nervous that I’ll have enough, or maybe too many. I guess it would be better to be over prepared, wouldn’t it? I ask you, and you nod. Also, it is part of my 51/51 challenge of 2015, and I’m happy to do something new.

If we were having coffee, you would talk about you NaNo progress. I would tell you about an exchange with a friend on Facebook: he wrote a 75 word beginning to a story, I think just for fun, and I continued it a little bit in the comments. He later wrote and said that he spotted a connection he hadn’t noticed before. I tell you I hope he continues the story, and perhaps it’s something we could co-author.

You ask how NaBloPoMo going with the baby. The first week was good! I tell you; I’m actually surprised it’s going like it is! I have found the secret, I say, and that is to write posts in advance. I’m usually a few days ahead on my posts, and I schedule them. I know that other bloggers have done this, and I even think it’s making a difference in my blogging quality. I have a little more time to spend on and proofread the posts since I’m not feeling too pressured.  I can also put them in a certain order that makes sense for readers, and you agree that makes sense.

10 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #4

  1. I have read a few of these and I have been contemplating doing a weekend coffee share myself. This is my second time doing Nano Poblano and I am equally excited and daunted. You are right about writing in advance. When I do have time I write more than one post or poem. So far so good. Happy to land here via a Pepper crate. 🙂

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you landed here, too! And I’m thankful for the Pepper creates, @Rarasaur! I’m actually in the process of writing another one right now (had a rough time with the Wee One) and I’m debating: should I post it right now like I want to? Or should I save it for tomorrow so I’ll have a day covered? :p
      A Weekend coffee share is good! I liked that it is a little more free style and meandering, if you know what I mean. It doesn’t have to be a focused topic, but can drift a bit. Let me know if you start one and thanks again for coming by!

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