51/51 Challenge of 2015

This post is the 2015 version of the 36/36 challenge in which I create a list of things I would like to see/do/experience, one for every week of the year. I’m late in posting it, so it’s 51  weeks rather than 52. 🙂 Since I am a first time expecting mother and I have no idea how life will change after Wee One arrives, this list is merely a start and I fully expect to add to it as I get a more realistic picture of life with her.

I invite others to join me in this or a variation of it! For example, a 12/12 challenge (one for every month) or a 4/4 challenge (one for every season). A 365/365 challenge is ambitious, but who am I to say you can’t do it?! 🙂 Write in the comments or link your list up to this one, and we can cheer each other on!

As time goes on, I will color code when tasks are completed or I’m beginning to work on them

In Progress


Pre-Baby/Without Baby

1. Bicycle 52 miles in one month.

2. Go to farmer’s market three times. (3/3)

3. Leave current job.

4. Have a child. (This one is kind of a gimme, ’cause it’ll happen no matter what, but still. 🙂 Here is one of the posts about it.

5. Learn how to play Magic.

6. Get a sewing machine. (Yay! I got one! No more borrowing my mother’s!)

7. Get to Level 27 in League of Legends.

8. Set up Etsy shop or other means of selling wares

9. Develop this blog, as measured by getting to 175 followers.

10. Post five days a week for four weeks.

11. Redo the apartment We moved to Seattle.  So maybe this one is done.  Just not the way I thought. 🙂

12. Teach about crocheting at the renaissance fair. I taught about using a drop spindle!

13. Get some new clothes (From 52 challenges for Rookie Mom’s)

14. Get my hair wrapped again.

15. Grow an herb in addition to basil

16. Use food dehydrator

17. Complete 10 pencil drawings (can include doodles 🙂 (4/10)

18. Sew a leine for next year’s Renaissance Faire garb I won’t have enough time with the Wee One. I will sew garb for her, however.

19. Build up the Alba Garrison blog and pinterest boards (Working on it, like here)

20. Develop a way to preserve Wee One’s memories.

21. Write five flash fiction stories (0/5)

22. Read 20 fiction books. (7/20)

23. Finish the Love painting. (Finished and wrote about that here.)



Post-Baby/With baby

1. Breastfeed (try it) Done it and I love it.  

2. Go to zoo (From 52 challenges for Rookie Mom’s)

3. Go to farmer’s market with Wee One (From 52 challenges for Rookie Mom’s)

4. Go to Fabric Store with Wee One (From 52 challenges for Rookie Mom’s)

5. Go to library with Wee One (From 52 challenges for Rookie Mom’s)

6. Go to grocery store with Wee One. (From 52 challenges for Rookie Mom’s)

7. Get through a Faire day with Wee One

8. Make something for baby/baby’s room.

9. Visit with a friend at least once a month (4/12) (From 52 challenges for Rookie Mom’s)

10. Do yoga, preferably with the Wee One, at least five times (1/5) (From 52 challenges for Rookie Mom’s)

11. Try a freezer meal for the crockpot. Done!

12. Make baby food at least four times (0/4)

13. Hike 5 new trails (2/5)

14. Play her music using my wooden or regular flute. Done!

15. Go for walk during March (the first full month after Wee One is born.) Done!

16. Get a coffee by myself.

17. Go out with Cohiba and Wee One

18. Take a nap with Cohiba and Wee One.

19. Meditate for mental health two times a month.

20. Draw Wee One

21. Take cute pictures with Family– 1/2/3… month photos, maybe with holiday figures

22. Take a trip (not to a Renaissance Faire).

23. Make three lady friends in Seattle. (5/3)!! Yay!!

24. Go mountain biking once

25. Do NaBloPoMo

26. Write a new 52/52 challenge for next year!

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