Weekend Coffee Share #7


If we were having coffee, you comment on the hat I’m wearing. I smile and say that my hair looks like a mess, and this is what you do in the Pacific Northwest, isn’t it? Cover it with a woolen beanie? I ask teasingly.

We catch up about Thanksgiving. For you, it was a friendsgiving, which I wonder if people do one they have children. Thanksgiving with Cohiba was small, but it was good for us. He cooked for us and the Wee One and I danced to Christmas music. It was a quiet and fun day. Did you “OptOutside?” you ask me teasingly, referring to Cohiba’s job with REI. Ha ha, I wave your comment away with my hand. I didn’t think I’d get that from you, I say. But yes, we got together with some friends who recently had a baby, and we walked around the salmon hatchery a bit, which I hadn’t explored before.  We didn’t stay long because nap time beckoned, but it was a good visit and a beautiful day.

If we were having coffee, we would both watching out the window at the frost that’s glittering (and melting!) in the sun. I tell you that I was talking to my mother this morning and am thinking about getting some Christmasy clothes for the Wee One.  She has two dresses that would work as Christmasy, but I think I’d also like to get us pajamas, too. Matching ones. You say that your family used to do that, every year, and it was fun. I wonder if I can find matching ones for a baby and adult? Maybe I’ll have to get creative.

Oh Lord. This store has hired some new help for the holiday season, and her voice is so high pitched and perky. It fits the store, though.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about the etsy shop I opened. Right now, I only have one thing listed on there, my Sustainability Sleeves. I read that I should have more on there, and I will, but I wanted to get this up for cyber Monday. You raise your eyebrows and teasingly say Ooh.

I know. But I’ve talked to some people about these cozies, and if they really want to purchase some, I would like to give them the chance to (or not) and it doesn’t have to interfere with our friendship. I also, I tell you, need to step up making more for the craft fair this Thursday.

And with that, I’ll take my leave, I tell you, and we hug goodbye.




Okay, your turn.

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