Top Five Best and Worst Things About a Playdate

I hosted a playdate today (yesterday). Several of my friends came over with their daughters T and S. Our kids are all within a few months of each other, so its nice to watch them socialize and grow up together.  Especially T, she and the Wee One look so similar, it’s really cute.

Five Worst Things About Hosting a Playdate

  1. Injuries. Toddlers step on and hit each other. They also take toys while mother’s patiently emphasize, “Share. Can you share?”  The injuries are always accidental, of course, particularly at this age.
  2. Its tiring. In fact, I was so tired yesterday that I didn’t get this post complete. So today becomes Just As Well Wednesday.
  3. Messing with naptime. Naptime is hard to coordinate between three toddlers, and the more you include, the harder it gets.  Someone always sleeps through part of the playdate, and another one goes to sleep in the car.
  4. Diapers. The aroma wafted through the living room for several minutes as we played “Rock Paper Scissors” guessing whose child it was.  We all changed their diapers, and realized it was probably gas. Now that I think about it, I bet it was my friend. 😉
  5. You’re playing hostess. Does anyone need anything?  I vacuumed yesterday; was that enough? Is T putting eating something from my carpet that she couldn’t be? Is T’s mom thirsty? Should I make more coffee? That is just it’s own challenges; I’m not yet close enough with T or S’s mothers to be like: Too dirty for ya? You’re welcome to clean.

Five Best Things About Hosting a Playdate

  1. Friends come over and play. I remember getting to go to other people’s houses and play with their toys. Even if I had the same thing, it was like completely new at someone’s house. Now, having other kids come over, I get to seem them rediscover a toy we have. The Wee One sees it, too!
  2. Its nice for me to have someone come over. Even though I’m playing hostess, I’m not doing it alone.  Someone else is entertaining the Wee One. I have time to make coffee and I know she’ll be fine. Actually, this is awesome. I get to hang out with a friend.
  3. Its relieving to be at home if case something happens. If there’s a blowout or mess on my shirt, I’m at home so I can take care of it.  Though the Wee One didn’t nap, we had her crib and we tried to nap. And I still got to play with friends!
  4. I have usually cleaned/organized in preparation of their arrival, and its nice to have a clean house when they leave.
  5. They share a sweet moment like a hug. Toddlers hugging! Squee!

Okay, your turn.

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