52/52 Challenge For 2016

This is an annual exercise I’ve done since 2014 in which I set goals for myself for the next year. A lot like New Years Resolutions, this is just like a vision board for my next year.  In 2014, it was The 36/36 Challenge (36 because I started it late in the year) and last year, it was The 51/51 Challenge (51 because I got it out a week late.)

This one was hard to write, which really surprised me. I had a hard time thinking of new things I want to get into, but that may be because I’m still a new SAHM mother and so involved with the Wee One.

Though I’m getting this one out late in the year, I’m still applying it to all 52 weeks because I have begun doing things in the challenge.

This color means the goal is started.

This color means the goal is complete.

  1. Go to Oregon

2. Go to Western Canada

3. Go to an other state – Montana? Utah? Cali?

4. Do more craft fair(s)

5. Build up Etsy shop or another online way of selling things.

6. Draw

7. Take a class – art, ballet, history, forensic social work, whatever catches my fancy.

8. Bicycle seven days in one month.  This is harder than I thought it would be. First, I have the Wee One, and need to get away form her. Second, I’m not in Illinois anymore, which was, unsurprisingly, super flat. Bicycling is hard here. 🙂

9.Take a vacation? Not just visiting family. That’s nice, but this will be different.

10. Get an annual membership to something. Maybe the zoo or the aquarium, or maybe a children’s play space.

11. Enter a writing competition

12. Do NaBoPoMo

13. Visit someplace new in Seattle a month – play the tourist once a month. 1/12 (Here’s a list of free museum days in Seattle.)

14. Showshoe

15. Do music class or other Mommy and Me class with the Wee One

16. Mountain bike, do it once.

17. Figure out savings thing for Wee One

18. Work on savings/financial plan for family.

19. Read five books.

20. Read blogs more, comment on them more.

21.Hike 24 new trails. So this works out to an average of two a month, though it’s not so easy in winter months. (1/24)

22. Do five “research articles.” Sometimes a random question comes to my mind, and I want to do research and learn about it.

23. Throw an awesome first birthday party.

24. Find or build a faith community here

25. Make a meal entirely from findings at the farmer’s market

26. Go stand up paddle boarding or kayaking at least once.

27. Go camping at least once.

28. Take the Wee One to the Seattle Symphony (free at one point.)

29. Plan weekly meals in advance for four weeks.

30. Brainstorm – every day for 30 days, brainstorm 10 or 20+ ideas for anything. Books I could write. Yoga poses I could do. Things I would do if I had a billion dollars or I had a nanny.

31. Spend 30 days making sure everything in the house has a place. Associated with this: baby proof the living room.

32.  Listen to audiobooks or podcasts instead of music for 30 days. (And actually, I’m going to edit this a bit: Listen to audiobooks or podcasts in addition to music for 30 days.)

33. Pray each morning for 30 days. Do this with the Wee One!

34. Read a book of the Bible each night for 30 days, at least.

35. Draw something for 30 days.  Get a sketchbook and spend 10 or 15 minutes drawing, coloring or painting something each day.

36. Brush up on my flute and play it for Wee One and friends. Practice for 15 minutes every day for 30 days

37. Make toys/games for the Wee One circa a Pinterest “nailed it” series. There are so many activities for a one year old to help teach them using home stuff, and I want to do it.

38. Make a bumper for the Wee One’s crib; at least for one side so she won’t break her leg.

40. Go to a renaissance fair. Preferably the one in Eastern Washington, but definitely the one in St. Louis.

As last year went on, I developed new ideas for challenges that I wanted to do. In that spirit, I am leaving 11 blank spaces to fill out with ideas that come to me as the other challenges are complete and new opportunities unfold.























5 thoughts on “52/52 Challenge For 2016

  1. I love this! I think I’m going to make a list, too. Hope you don’t mind if I steal a few of your ideas.

    One year my NY Resolution was to do something new every day. There were some days it was as silly as walking up the stairs backwards or trying a new flavor of something, but I loved that year. The idea of trying new things suits me and motivates me. Plus, I keep wanting to make a bucket list, and this will help me think about that. Plus, I’ll include “Make a Bucket List” as one of my things to do. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh, please do! I meant to say that in my post! And it does’t have to be 52/52… It can be 12/12 (months) 4/4 (seasons) 365/365… Let me know when you’re done because I’d love to see it! 🙂

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