Mistakes Can Make The Best Teachers

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. -Albert Einstein

Describe the best mistake you’ve made and all the things you’ve learned from that mistake.

Well, I think I’ve said before, I don’t necessarily believe in mistakes because everything that has happened in my life has culminated in me being here right now in this place, and its good.

I have a funny and embarrassing story about this that I’ll tell you soon. I promise.

If I had to pick though, there were a couple of things I thought of that sucked. One was a summer I lived with a guy in a small town in Southeast Missouri. We were sort of engaged, but after that summer, I was like, fuck no. Not only was he moody AF, he was a mean gas lighting abusive guy, which I didn’t gather the strength to fight until after a summer living with him. I learned about myself, I learned about abuse (which, as the daughter of an abusive father, I am more likely to also be prey to) and I gained strength to trust and listen to my own judgement.


A second mistake that taught me some good lessons (Gah! Wouldn’t it be awesome if I only made two mistakes in my life!?) was while I was supervising some summer workers the year I was an AmeriCorps*VISTA volunteer with the Red Cross. I did a crappy job with them and it made a tough position harder. But it also taught me about management, some valuable lessons.

What about you? Any mistakes you know you learned from?

And stay tuned: I’ll post about the Bob Ross mishap later this week! (If you like what you read and haven’t already, click on the follow button up there on the right for future posts!)


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