Legacy, or Writing For Throwback Thursday

I have been thinking about legacy lately, which was the word of this Daily Prompt. (I still hate the one-word thing, but it works for me today.)

I was thinking about the best way to save for her future and then I was thinking about writing up a will (now that I have a child) and who I would name as beneficiaries for my belongings. At first, I was thinking of things like books and CDs, and it was like the Senior Wills we wrote in our last year of high school. “Would I leave certain books to my social work friends and other books to religious friend?”

Then, I thought about who I would want to care for the Wee One in the event that Cohiba and I were not able.  I thought about the way I would want them to parent and any special requests I would have. (Eee, I hate thinking about this! I wanna raise her!)

Then I thought about this blog and about my life stories. Kind of like the Michael Keaton movie, My Life, this blog is a way for her to have my stories, particularly if something happens to me before I get to tell them to her. (Again: sniff!)

I think “legacy” also includes lessons I want to teach her. I want her to have a strong financial know-how: to know how to save and do it right, to know how to budget and support herself. I want her to respect and value herself. I want her to have faith in God and herself and me and her daddy. I want to teach her to not give up.

You know, for such a proud word, legacy is hard.



Okay, your turn.

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