Weekend Coffee Share #21


If we were having coffee, you would come in with a sunburn.  What were you doing?! I’m not sure if I’m jealous or piteous for you right now. You assured me you were having fun riding your bike, and I find I’m still feeling a bit of both. I don’t have a carriage for the Wee One while I’m biking yet, but we did get a Deuter hiking pack for her, which is more structured and puts the pressure more on my hips than the Ergo does. She also sits higher so she can see more and it’s more a kind of pack Cohiba would wear. I took her on a short walk in it while I was trying to adjust it, and I think it’ll be good once it’s set for her.

You and I are both looking forward to summer trips and being outside. I just realized that the Goonies was filmed in Oregon, in Astoria, and told Cohiba about it, that we should go. He was pretty excited about the idea, being a huge Goonies fan. Oh, but my transmission is slipping and that may interfere with our future plans, at least financially.

But that’s okay! We’re in the Pacific Northwest! There is a lot of stuff we can do here that we’ve never done before!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about going to a local zoo with some friends, speaking of things we’ve never done before.  It was beautiful and teeny tiny. I mean, tiny, and still cost over $10, which irked me!  But it was beautiful: you could see the Snoqualmie mountains off in the distance and Lake Sammamish. I fed a sweet faced llama and had fun with the girlfriends and babies the Wee One and I went with.  So this is another item done of my 52/52 challenge.

They were telling me about challenges they’ve been facing with their kids, who are a little older than the Wee One, and I’ve been really scared since then. I’m starting to feel like I’m losing as a mother, just not doing as well as I wish I would. It reminds me of the days when I got out of the coma and into rehab. For a period of about a week (or maybe just a few days; my memory of that time sucks.) I was pretty formal and polite in the face of really frustrating things, like these people would not be in my life very long and I wanted to leave a good impression. After some time, I realized that they would be in my life longer than I thought and the frustrating things would not stop. I stopped being as formal. I wasn’t rude, obviously, but I didn’t hold in my frustration like I originally had.

In a similar way, I don’t feel like I’m being as “formal” as I was, because I just don’t know how to be “formal,” anymore, if the analogy makes sense. I just feel like I am always catching up. I’m going to look into some self-care things.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about meal planning to help with the Wee One’s eating.  She eats so little these days, at least in my opinion, and I was afraid she wasn’t getting everything she needed. But everything I read tells me: offer it but don’t force. Let her choose. So I made up a meal plan (and you know how much I HATE planning!) so I know she’s got all she “needs” offered over the day, and then she picks. Its easier for me to give up control as she’s seeking it. But I’m still seeking it, too! Hence the meal plan.

We’re sitting outside today, and so many kids are riding their bikes to and from the grocery store next door. Man, I rode all the time as a kid – that’s one of my best memories  of childhood, and you agree, smiling. I miss riding.  Maybe that will be some self-care to begin this summer. 🙂







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