Weekend Coffee Share #23


If we were having coffee, we would be happy to settle into our usually Sunday Spot, and I’ll watch out the window while you get your drink. You had a really hard week at work, and while tell me about it, I silently give thanks that Cohiba’s job allows me to stay home with the Wee One, because I love doing it.

But at the same time,

I think about my old job a lot and I wonder about going back to something in social work, with the homeless. I hear a lot about the homeless in Seattle, the tent cities and the different ways to help them, like a vacant building on the UW campus opening up to homeless people for a semester. So it sounds like there are different and innovative things being done and wouldn’t I want to be a part of it? I don’t know if I would. If not that, then what?

I feel like I’m back in undergrad and fumbling around trying to figure out what I want. How do people figure out what they want? How do they do it before it’s “too late?”  You slump back in your seat, clearly unable to supply the answer, as evidenced but he crap week you had.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about an article Cohiba showed me on capitalism. It was both patronizing and thought provoking, particularly about the possibilities of equality and freedom: Can people be both free and equal?  Or if humans are fully free, will there naturally be equality? Or is there a strata that emerges anyway among animals, like the “alpha” among animal packs?

Because human beings are animals, and I have never been more reminded of that, I tell you, than since I had the Wee One. I look at her and think about how humans are in their pure and honest and unself-conscious selves, like she and other kids are. Isn’t that why people like kids so much? For their honesty and purity? Honesty and purity with an underdeveloped brain: is it possible to be honest and pure with a more developed brain? I.e., can adults be that way, too? Since so many of us would like to be.

When she’s done eating, she brushes the food off her tray. She’s done. When she’s super hungry, she strains to where I’m holding the spoon with her mouth open, and sometimes growls when she’s taking a bite from it. One of our favorite games right now is where I nuzzle her chest and neck. She loves it and laughs and squeals. 

Should I nuzzle you? I offer, which makes you laugh. You might feel better.

If we were having coffee, still in a contemplative mood, I ask you if you’ve seen Cosmos, the show originally done by Carl Sagan and updated by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Cohiba has talked about it before and loves deGrasse Tyson so much that he wants to write him in as a presidential candidate, if no other acceptable candidate presents themselves. It did for me what it was supposed to do, I think, in that it made me sort of dreamy. I watched it and wrote down the dozen questions about saturn and satellites that came up, and googled a few right there. I think this is going to start me on a documentary watching kick.




Okay, your turn.

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