The Balance of the World Rests on Breakfast

What did you eat for breakfast?

Got this idea from the newest blog I’m following, 643 prompts about, you guessed it, responding to 643 prompts.

I’m fine with my bowl of cereal and gallon of coffee, but since Wee One has started on solid foods, I need to step up my game. She needs something well-rounded that will set her up for the rest of her life, ’cause she’s learning about eating from the lessons I teach her, and if she doesn’t get this, she won’t grow up straight, she’ll be crooked, and all the kids will make fun of her and she’ll run away and live in the mountains. (Or so I’ve read. I really need to quit reading.)

So breakfast is a big deal.

I try to include the four basic food groups: grain, meat, dairy, fruit/veg. I actually try to place more emphasis on the last two, but for breakfast, that’s hard. As is having a picky eater, like so many toddlers. One day she’ll eat eggs, then she won’t. Once day she likes blueberries, then she doesn’t. Same thing with cheese. She always likes bananas and has grown to like whole milk, but both of those are constipating, so I use those sparingly.  She’s pretty much always down with Cheerios and especially frozen waffles.  Sometimes I’ll give her a waffle with peanut butter on it, just to sneak in protein, which doesn’t really work. She just gets it in her hair and stinks of peanut butter for the rest of the day.








Okay, your turn.

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