Weekend Coffee Share #41


If we were having coffee, we would lament about Chris Cornell’s passing. I didn’t realize he had a five octave range, but he did. I knew he was a powerful vocalist, but jeez. And his voice soundtracked a lot of my formative memories, and I hoped to see him as an old lady, an old rocker onstage.

So this means Eddie Vedder is the last leading man of this cohort (Pearl Jam/Soundgarden/Nirvana/Alice in Chains) to still be alive. I have to see him. And they all died of suicide. Listening to this, one of my favorite Soundgarden songs, it seems logical.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that Wee One’s speech therapist said she’s doing well and making noticeable improvements. I think she is, but I’m her mommy: I think she’s perfect anyway. It’s just nice to hear my high opinion of validated.

I know this is random, but I hate hate hate the phrase “food porn.” It sounds so nasty, and usually, the thing in the photo isn’t that great! Even if it’s tasty, I can’t imagine a photograph exciting my taste buds. My imagination doesn’t even excite my taste buds. Tasting something excites my taste buds.

What about you? What do you think of “food porn?” What music was important to you through the years?

The Balance of the World Rests on Breakfast

What did you eat for breakfast?

Got this idea from the newest blog I’m following, 643 prompts about, you guessed it, responding to 643 prompts.

I’m fine with my bowl of cereal and gallon of coffee, but since Wee One has started on solid foods, I need to step up my game. She needs something well-rounded that will set her up for the rest of her life, ’cause she’s learning about eating from the lessons I teach her, and if she doesn’t get this, she won’t grow up straight, she’ll be crooked, and all the kids will make fun of her and she’ll run away and live in the mountains. (Or so I’ve read. I really need to quit reading.)

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Dining tips… From a cat?

One of my dear friends, Lindsey, is a farmer and a sustainability director for a large dining company. The energy and love she infuses with cooking is remarkable, and it’s in her name that I talk about this project tonight.

Historically, I’ve had a pretty casual relationship with food. I liked it, it liked me. When I got in my 30s, my thyroid started processing food differently, and though I still like it, I needed to like it in a way that was still good for me. Now my metabolism is jacked and I don’t want to make it harder.  The thing is, it’s hard as hell to find a good “diet” for hypothyroidism – has anybody found anything?

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Inspiration Engine v.7 – Art and Good Food

This is a weekly post I do to highlight blogs or bloggers who have inspired me in some way during this week.

1. This post from Out of a Great Need concerns her dining room table and the space she makes for art supplies to be used easily and readily. I believe in the healing that art can give someone, and I like how easily it can be incorporated in one’s life this way.

I have lots of art supplies – paints, packaging scraps, mosaic tile – and lots of them, I barely use. Or I use for one big project, one that’s totally awesome (I made a mosaic of Odin’s Horns that doubles as a Ren Fair game board), but that I may not use again. When I think about using them, I get a little intimidated ’cause they’re so fancy. Shedding some of them as well as incorporating them like this blogger proposes suggests ways to make are more.

2. This post from xoamys is a wonderful reminder about the joy and good feeling that comes to me from certain kinds of eating experiences.  I never feel full enough eating a strictly raw or vegan food regimen, but I believe in the “harm-reduction” model of addiction recovery and healthful living, so I like to incorporate as many gems from these models as I can.  Also, since today’s the first day of spring, I can feel the entire Earth begin to get up to stretch. It’s been a hard winter.

Inspiration Engine, V.5 – Mindfulness and Food

Inspiration Engine is a weekly post I do about blogs that have inspired something in my this week. I normally do it on Thursdays, but am late (again) this week and am getting it out to day. Apologies.  I will also skip next week because I’ll be on my wedding trip. It will pick up the following week.

1. This post, “Untitled,” from the Mindfulness Revolution. This is a very calming post for me, in that it helps me focus and center. It says, “Anything that comes in through the senses is also regarded as ‘food’ for the body and therefore affects one’s mental emotional, and physical health.” I don’t know about you but I have a tumultuous relationship with “food;” I imagine we all do, actually. Eating is quite an emotional experience, and the consequences of eating (or not) have such  manifestations that we can’t help but have strong personal feelings about it.  As I type this right now, I am watching what I eat so I can fit into my wedding dress. At the same time, I am feeling a headache coming on, a headache brought of not eating the right thing at the right time, {or not enough of it.)   I’m also thinking about how to “maintain” dietary plans while at Disney World, a processed-food mecca. Therefore, the idea of nourishing myself through my eyes broadens my idea of “food” and consumption, sort of reframes it.  Moreover, the overall message of mindfulness is a particularly poignant reminder during this time in my life, just before my wedding (in three days.) Thank you, Mindfulness.