Weekend Coffee Share #29


If we were having coffee, it would be quick and outside. The Wee One is with me, rather than with her father, like normal. Since today is Father’s Day, I’m letting Cohiba sleep in rather than doing it myself before we go out. Is that counter to what would seem logical?  It works for us. Wee One is taking small sweet steps around the concrete wall, and I can hear her little moccasins tap on the pavement.

If we were having coffee, it’s been a year since we moved out here. My Facebook memories reminded me that I lost my wallet this time last year and found out about that at the airport ticket counter. It was horrifying and funny at the same time.

Cohiba took one of my favorite pictures as we were disembarking:

Wee One was so small, almost four months. It seems like so long ago.

I had never made changes like these before: having the baby (which is new for everyone) but moving as well. Now, I can’t imagine what kind of life I would have in St. Louis. Have you ever made a big change? What was it? How did it go? Was there anything unexpected that happened as a result of the change?



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