The Inappropriate One

I am usually the inappropriate one in a group of friends, and I fucking hate it.

I’m usually the only one who hears sexual innuendos, crack sexual jokes and reference oral sex on the regular. “Oh, I”m not buying these jeans; way to expensive. Do they come with a blow job?” Every now and then, particularly when I’ve joined a new group of friends, there is one among them who feels the need to say, “Jeesh, Sahara! Say it louder/that’s so gross/did those people over there hear you?”

I hate it.

I hate being called out like that; it’s embarrassing and I feel a strong crippling wave of shame. Then I need to evaluate for myself whether or not I went “too far,” and while self-reflection is good for the soul, not this way.


Where do you fit into that spectrum?  Are you the appropriate friend? Or the inappropriate one?

For my appropriate readers on behalf of you inappropriate friends, if something they say bothers you that much, please do talk to them, but do it privately.

For my inappropriate readers, here’s a fist bump.




One thought on “The Inappropriate One

  1. I am more the appropriate friend, though I get in some sharp zingers. I just don’t use much profanity. But my friends do. I seem to surround myself with people more like you. Wonder what that says about me? 🙂

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