Standing In Line At The DMV

This is the fourth line I’ve been in, and this one seems the worst.

I’ve been to this office already, but was turned away when I realized my last name was spelled wrong on my new state ID. Get that? It’s the main ID to verify who I am, and they had several pieces of verification with the correct spelling, including my then-current WA state ID, and they got it wrong.

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Weekend Coffee Share #29


If we were having coffee, it would be quick and outside. The Wee One is with me, rather than with her father, like normal. Since today is Father’s Day, I’m letting Cohiba sleep in rather than doing it myself before we go out. Is that counter to what would seem logical?  It works for us. Wee One is taking small sweet steps around the concrete wall, and I can hear her little moccasins tap on the pavement.

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