Signs You Might Be The Parent Of A One Year Old

  • You can’t say the words “cracker,” “apple,” or “banana.” She hears the mere suggestion of these treats and suddenly she is hungry and only one thing will do.
  • You spend 50% of your day crawling, either on your knees or a bear crawl. Just me?  It makes Wee One shriek with laughter, and has become my go-to tantrum diffuser.
  • “We don’t eat off the floor.” Is a statement that comes out of your mouth several times a day, as you scramble to pick up the scraps she just dumped off her plate and is bending over to eat. She won’t eat it off the plate, but from the floor, it’s awesome.
  • If you leave her field of vision for a short length of time, chances are good you have started a game of peek-a-boo. Sometimes I’m not paying attention, and I realize WO is giggling at me and hiding behind her hand, and I feel guilty for not noticing sooner and letting her hang. Fortunately, she’s forgiving about my lapse and her laugh is so gleeful when we play.
  • You find a small hand creeping down your shirt multiple times a day. I think that’s just for breastfed babies and – what? It doesn’t stop at one year? I heard about this, but it is starting to get to the point that when she’s upset, she doesn’t need to nurse, she just needs to reassure her they’re there. Then I can say “cracker” and she’s not upset anymore.

She’s the best.


Inspiration taken from Things Anxious Mom Said. See what she put!

Okay, your turn.

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