Christmas Movies That Are Not Christmas Movies

Living at Casa In-Laws means the TV is on a lot, which wouldn’t be my preference, but we go with it. They like to watch Hallmark seasonal movies and I can’t even be mad. They’re formulaic movies, but its a formula that works, and I don’t mind it playing in front if Wee One.

But they are obviously ‘Christmas Movies,’ and today I want to talk about Christmas movies that aren’t really Christmas movies. They are the ones I (and others) associate with Christmas.

Die Hard. To be honest, this one isn’t mine, but my step-dad’s, Cohiba’s, my friend Kevin’s, every man I’ve ever known calls this a Christmas movie. ‘Cause it takes place around Christmas. And using that barometer gives me a number of other ones.

American President. Several scenes took place during Christmas and it just works.

Edward Scissorhands. This took place during Christmas and winter, but it is also one of those heartwarming stories, too.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I think this came out in December to be one of those “heartwarming family” movies, or it came out just before to be sold at Christmas time. But the White Witch making it “Always winter, never Christmas” in Narnia is part of her terrible rule and why we’re so happy that Aslan comes! Which is foretold by the appearance of Aslan.

Little Women. This may be more from me, but I first saw this at Christmastime. I think it was my last visit to Idaho to visit my abusive father’s family, so ’95. I watched it with my cousin Elizabeth and every time I see it, I think of her. It’s also a warm movie, rich with detail, and it feels good to watch.

Do you think of these as Christmas movies? Are there movies you watch around or associate with Christmastime that aren’t really traditional holiday movies?


Okay, your turn.

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