Onto The Next

When Cohiba and I moved to Ohio this fall, I said, when we get there, I’m going to give writing a more serious go. I have always really wanted to do it and now we have someone to be with Wee One. I meant to do more on this blog, which I am, but also in fiction.

For the first time today, I submitted my first piece to several competitions/publications.

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Did You Know Santa Wrote Letters?

Since I had Wee One, Santa has been a problem. By which I mean, should I tell her he exists? Am I lying to her? Am I fooling her? My large concern is if I am hurting her, of course, and I’ve struggled to find a way to share this with her without hurting her.

I’ve asked folks what they have done and how they see it, and surprisingly, have gotten some ugly comments, defensive and sometimes insulting. People are really defensive about Santa.

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