What A Week

There is no such thing as writers block, I tell myself as I reflect on the passage of silence behind me. I haven’t given time to writing, particularly this week, as much as I want to.

I have been agog with the things that have been happening since the new president took office.

Every day is something new that I can’t believe, and I think it’s beyond the simple “opposite party” differences. I am scared for where we are going. I’m scared to hear about what we’re doing, and I can’t believe this will be allowed to go on for four more years.

I’ve had trouble sleeping, I’ve had headaches, and I’m scared.

On the flip side, I’m getting more involved in the resistance and am happy to see how many other people are getting involved, too. Tonight’s decision to stay Trump’s immigration ban, in light of the citizen protests going on at airports and the active work of the ACLU, also gives me hope.

But its going to be a fight.



2 thoughts on “What A Week

  1. YES! Just because Trump got elected doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with everything he says. Keep fighting, for yourself and for the rest of the world!

  2. I’ve been feeling the same way. That week was horrifying. I knew Trump would be awful, but figured with all the GOP hate he had at one point, that he’d screw around for four years, not really get much of anything done, and then we’d move on from our celebrity presidency. But holy crap.

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