Theme Reveal for April #atozchallenge

This April, I am going to take part in the A to Z blogging challenge for the month of April in which I post every day going down the letter of the alphabet. Because I think it will be more fun if I have a theme for these posts, I have found one, though it doesn’t really have a name. Not like, “colors of a carnival” or “traveling with snails” or “tips for cuticle care.”

No. This April, it will be called a “Smattering of Sahara.” Because who doesn’t want to be smattered by me? Heh.

It’s an idea I got from Paula Acton, an alphabetic list of questions of random things about me. I have changes a few of the letters to ideas I liked better, but I am thankful for this jumping off point.

This is my first time doing it, but part of my 24/12 challenge to post everyday for one month (out of two). Since it is my first time, I am going to add some helpful tips from our friends and “sponsors” at Blogging From A to Z Challenge:

  • End each post by asking a simple, open-ended question.
  • End posts by asking people to share them.
  • Share others’ posts
  • End blog posts by asking people to please follow you.
  • Follow back when someone comments that they are from the #AtoZChallenge and have followed you.

So with these tips in mind: What do you think you would do your A to Z theme on?

I ask that leading up to my next question: Won’t you join me? I would love to see your theme and what you put. Please share this post with friends and click follow yourself to get smattered for the whole month!









3 thoughts on “Theme Reveal for April #atozchallenge

    1. HA! THAT’S AWESOME!! Get terms from Urban Dictionary? I’m gonna copy that, a bit, if I may. 🙂 I really want to pick a different “A” word (I don’t want to talk about “age”), so I might do that! Thank you!

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