Isn’t She Quaint? Showing Love

Whenever I’m around my mom or my MIL, I often find myself feeling unsteady, though I couldn’t quite put my finger on how to explain it. Today, I realized that there’s a scene from the show Firefly that seems to show it well.

(What? You haven’t seen Firefly? Surely know that if you watch it, any ailment you’re feeling in your body is miraculously healed and a puppy is saved from being kicked. So go watch it. I’ll wait.)

For those of you familiar with the show, it’s the scene in OMR where Yo-Saph-Bridge has just made a meal for Mal and tells Zoe the food is still layed out.

For the unfamiliar, the new “bride” has just made food for her new husband, and tells the other married woman on the ship, Zoe, (the kind of woman who is a badass and does not cook unless she wants to. But if she can’t keep her man by being the awesomeness that she is, she doesn’t need him.) that the “food is still layed out if you want to cook for your husband.”

Yo-Saph-Bridge’s choice of words is intentional, (she is an intelligent criminal who is playing the role of a meek country girl to dupe the captain),  and she is being deliberately obtuse. Zoe doesn’t fit into the stereotype of the obedient wife, doing the expected things. In the show, Zoe and her husband exchange a Look and husband laughs and says something like, “No thanks. I’m not hungry.” Because that is just not the way their marriage is.

I don’t mean to call myself Zoe (although how fucking cool would it be if I was that awesome?) There are certain things I don’t do for my husband, because that’s not the way our marriage is, usually relating to food. I don’t took for him; Cohiba rarely takes me up on offers to make him something.

But when I leave Starbucks, I do get him a surprise chai or mocha.

What are some loving things that you do for your loved ones?






Okay, your turn.

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