Weapon X?

Day 25 – X

X-rays you’ve had

A crap-ton! And those are just the ones I remember! I don’t know how many I had while I was in the coma, but it’s safe to assume it was quite a few – most of my ribs were broken in the accident, both my hips, my femur had gone through my pelvis, my shoulder…

But the latest ones I’ve had post-accident are on my hip. Over the years, as arthritis has set in, I’ve gone to check it out, and then the last time, right before I got pregnant, to see if it was possible for me to carry kids. (The doctors initially told me it wouldn’t be, but then again, they didn’t think I would walk on it this long.)

Anytime I get my hip x-rayed, I tell you, I draw a crowd. I have so much hardware in there. I call it my bionic hip. And one time, the orthopedist I was seeing recognized the surgeon who did it, since it is so rare.

How about you? Any bionic bones?

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Okay, your turn.

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