I am in tears, today.

I sat down and counted and realized that Wee One only has about 25 words that she says consistently and solidly knowing what they mean. She has a bunch more words she’s used once or twice, but I’m not sure she has those down so I’m not counting them right now.

I feel horrible, guys. Part of the problem I am having is because I am not in my own space to help her. I want a little area set up for different things and I can’t do that. Like blocks, and books, and dolls, and art. Because I am at Casa In-Laws, I am a guest in someone’s house. It is not arranged the way I want it, and I feel like I can’t help her the best way possible.Danger

Like I can’t protect her from danger.

Uplifting thoughts and words would be appreciated right now, friends, particularly related to speech delay. I’m scared and frustrated.

via Photo Challenge: Danger!

Okay, your turn.

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