Too Much Is Not Enough

I bought a “Be Inspired” journal from one of the end cap displays at Barnes and Noble yesterday. It is so hard for me to NOT buy everything in a bookstore, but I normally find those kinds of journals trite. However, this one seemed different: a quote and short writing prompt that is actually interesting! and a quick flip through showed they were interesting prompts. For today:

Too much of a good thing is wonderful. Armistead Maupin

Write about a “good thing” of which you can never have too much.

I can never have too much of Jamaica beaches. A good book. Wee One snuggles. Summer afternoons with my mom, drinking margaritas, morning coffee with my mom – quiet and sacred.

I can never have to much faire with my kinsmen – outside all day, playing and enjoying the outside.

I could never have too much of a golden afternoon, the kind that almost sparkles.

I could never have too much of my friends for high school – true and pure – I am myself with them like no other. (So I married one. 🙂

I could never have too much of lattes and chocolate chip cookies, playing tabletop games with Cohiba. Of nights of us drinking and talking, usually lolling about the living room floor, comfortable and loved.

What about you? What can you never have enough of?


Okay, your turn.

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