Brainstorming IRL

It’s Ren Fair season, and I am again surrounded by creative people acting and playing like we are in the renaissance. I’m teaching people how to spin wool, smelling the blacksmith’s fires next to me and hearing the lilting accent of an insult. I love these days.

Being here and seeing the wares around me makes me get further involved in this culture, to create and sell something.

Cohiba and I were talking about it and he told me I was talented. Talented enough to maybe earn a little bit doing this. (Aww! No one has ever told me I was talented before!) “You just need to figure out what you want to do, and then work to make it good. Perfect your craft. Like you’re doing with your writing.” (He was really being supportive, eh?!)

The problem is, I hate commitment, and the idea of only crafting one thing one thing for a booth is really constricting and I hate it. I’m using this post to brainstorm something I would be okay doing by thinking about the kinds of crafts I currently like to make or look at.

  • I love looking at maps.
  • I love seeing fairy doors in random places – surprise art in random places. Paintings, stained glass, all that.
  • I like painting little rocks into little things. I’ve started doing that for Wee One and may continue.
  • I like Zentangle-inspired things; like to study the drawings. Kind of like how I like to study maps above.

How can I put all these together into making or doing something that is unique or valuable enough to sell? Hopefully writing this out and thinking about this in this environment will help me think of something.

For those of you who developed an idea like this, like an independent business, how did you do it?

Or perhaps, thinking of my presumed audience, let me ask this: How did you come up with the idea of what your blog would be about?







Okay, your turn.

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