Positive Parenting Book Review and Tips

I really like the concept behind Positive Parenting, so I borrowed the book with the same title by Rebecca Eanes about it, and want to mention some things that I don’t want to forget, some things I hope to have with Wee One.

The book includes a lot of prompting for work for yourself and for you and your partner to build a solid foundation for your family. Having never seen this, I like it. It also talks about a family culture and, in particular, rituals. I think rituals are important to people’s mental health and emotions.

There were several suggestions given that I hope to incorporate in the future.

  • Have a birthday ritual
  • At Halloween, blow up white balloons, draw faces on them, set them outside. Then, when it gets dark, go ghost hunting.
  • Have a Christmas ritual, like building a bad gingerbread house?
  • Family game night. Cohiba and I love tabletop games. Ooh, a tabletop game…
  • On New Years Eve, the countdown can be balloons with written activities and you pop one every hour.
  • A set ritual of family time, like an unplugged hour each night.

Do you have a ritual you do with your family/children? Do you have one from your family that is meaningful?







Okay, your turn.

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